Twitter augmented reality search: Tweetmondo and Layar team up

A still from Twittaround, the original augmented reality Twitter search app fascinating, if slightly creepy, mobile app called Twittaround launched — overlaying nearby tweets onto a smartphone camera.
The concept was intriguing enough to spark immediate competition: SPRXMobile, the company behind the augmented reality browser Layar, is partnering with Tweetmondo, which handles local Twitter search, to build it.
The alliance makes sense: SPRXMobile is trying to add more location-sensitive content to its mobile phone browser.Augmented reality browsers work by overlaying information over a live camera feed in a smartphone. (Imagine walking around your neighborhood, holding your camera up and seeing real estate listings pop-up over nearby buildings in your viewfinder.) The more data — such as local restaurant reviews and tweets — that SPRXMobile can include, the more useful Layar becomes.
For Tweetmondo, augmented reality Twitter search makes their service seem more immediate. It might be a boon to tweeting local vendors and small businesses, too. Amsterdam-based SPRXMobile is angel-funded.
Below is a video explaining the Layar augmented reality browser:
And here’s a still of Tweetmondo’s current service:picture-26
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